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Course Open. Main drive is closed due to fallen branch. Please access club car park through the greenkeeping compound (entrance opposite little green lane/rousebarn lane junction). Practice ground is closed.

The course shall be closed for conditions unfit for play (waterlogging) or dangerous (lightning) by the sounding of one long blast of the claxon.

Players are reminded that in competition play, play must cease immediately and the ball must be marked prior to returning to the Club House.
The course shall be re-opened by the sounding of two shorter blasts of the claxon.

If after the resumption of play it will not be possible to complete the competition due to lack of daylight the competition shall be abandoned and re scheduled.

When, during winter months, the use of temporary greens is in play on some occasions it may be possible during the course of the day to revert back to normal greens. The criteria for this is when the white frost has gone and the greens have thawed out sufficiently. Prior to this decision being taken each and every green on the golf course must have been thoroughly inspected.

Please note this is not an option on competition days where altering the playing characteristics of the course is not permitted.

When the course is closed from the start of play, unless there is no possibility of further play during the day, there will be periodic course inspections to ascertain if the course can be opened taking into account current condition’s & forecast.

Designated people with the authority to make the above decisions are:

  • Head Green Keeper of the day
  • Professional
  • Captain
  • Golf Committee Member
  • General Manager.

Please note during periods of course closure, generally the practice facilities will remain open.

Golf Committee January 2012