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Dress Code Guidelines

The Club and Committee understand that styles of dress and fashions change over time. Whilst the club is tolerant to some of these changes, members, their guests and visitors are asked to observe appropriate standards of dress, consistent with the traditions and conventions of a member’s golf club, when in the clubhouse.

Smart, clean, casual attire and footwear are appropriate in the clubhouse at all times, unless otherwise stipulated for a particular Club or Social function.

The responsibility for the interpretation, implementation and compliance with these guidelines rests with the General Manager, whose discretion may be used at any time and whose decision as to whether something is appropriate or not is final. In his absence, that responsibility falls to his delegated staff, the Club Professional or a member of the Golf Committee or Board.

Members are advised to check if they are unsure of any dress code restrictions before coming to the Club to avoid any embarrassment to them or their guests. Members are responsible for their guests’ compliance with the guidelines.

The current published dress code for the golf course remains and should be observed at all times when playing.



  • Only clean & neat recognised golf apparel may be worn
  • Shirts must be worn
  • Shirts must have sleeves
  • Shorts must be tailored and knee length
  • Jeans, combat or cargo style trousers are not permitted
  • There are no regulations regarding the length or colour of socks
  • Peak caps must not be worn back to front


  • Only clean and neat recognised golf apparel may be worn


  • Proprietary golf shoes must be worn.
  • Trainers and non-golfing shoes are not permitted.


  • The dress and behaviour of young children are the responsibility of their parents.

Categories Of Dress

  • Black TieDinner Jacket & Tie
  • Jacket & TieLounge suit/Blazer & Tie
  • Smart CasualTrousers & shirt (Polo shirt acceptable)
  • RelaxedRestrictions lifted.


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